legends6Fifty-two men and women who made America’s air power the most respected in the world are profiled in this award-winning series. The series features exclusive interviews with Legends such as Chuck Yeager, Jim Lovell, Buzz Aldrin, and Paul Tibbetts. Spanning the first century of flight, Legends of Airpower effortlessly relates the life and times of these heroes.

But it will also profile lesser-known airpower figures such as General Benjamin O. Davis, the WWII leader of the Tuskegee Airmen, Jimmy Doolittle – profiled in “30 Seconds Over Tokyo,” and Billy Mitchell, who correctly predicted the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor a decade before it happened. Also profiled: actor Jimmy Stewart, who flew combat missions in Europe during World War II and retired as a Brigadier General in the U.S. Air Force Reserve.

Each Legend is profiled in a separate, 30-minute biographical program that traces their personal and professional lives.
“We’re showing that these were really ordinary people who did extraordinary things when called upon by their country,” said Russ Hodge, Executive Producer of the series. “Legends of Airpower is on the heels of ‘Saving Private Ryan,’ ‘Band of brothers,’ ‘Apollo 13′” and others, We feel that audiences are hungering for old-fashioned, patriotic television programs.”