Why Legends Now?

A product just right for aviation and history enthusiastslegends7

  • Legends of Airpower is tailor-made for the well -educated, male demographic, 25-65 plus, who continue to make books, movies and series such as Fury, Band of Brothers and The Greatest Generation cultural milestones.
  • Profiles of the greats of military aviation, including Yeager, Tibbetts, Arnold, O’Hare, Earhardt, Lindbergh, McGuire, Foos, Gabreski and the Wright Brothers.
  • Legends of Airpower has been written into the Air Force JROTC curriculum.
  • Produced by a multiple, Emmy Award-winning production firm.
  • Legends of Airpower is targeted at both airpower aficionados and general audiences who flock to historical documentaries.
  • The series mythologizes the personalities and personalizes the people behind the myths.